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Hiking and cycling

Do you enjoy walking or pedalling? …our region is made for you!

There are several trails within reach of Saint Brévin and the Sud Estuaire area.

Several circuits suitable for cycling or hiking begin in nearby towns, as our campsite is close to cycling and hiking circuits around Saint Brévin les Pins.

Have a good time!

St Brévin by bike information (pdf)

Saint Brévin – Estuary Circuit

The Mindin site is by the bridge and opens onto the estuary with a spectacular view. This walk leads you along the banks of the Loire, past fishing huts and St Brévin's trail through nature.Documentation

Saint Brévin - Boivre Circuit

This trail takes you to the heart of St Brévin's protected dunes then into the Pierre Attelée forest.Documentation

Saint Brévin - Pointeau Circuit

This itinerary lets you discover the remains of the old Atlantic wall built by the Germans during the Second World War. The trail has some remarkable view points over the ocean and the estuary.Documentation
Tourisme Loire Atlantique
Tourisme Loire Atlantique

Corsept - Marshes Circuit

Discover the magnificent marshland scenery: this land, crisscrossed by canals and roses, is home to several species of bird.Documentation

Corsept - Menhir Circuit

Discover several of the megaliths still standing in the areaDocumentation

Corsept - Seawall Circuit

Leaving from Maison Verte port in Corsept, you follow the seawall along the Loire.Documentation

Frossay - Landes Circuit

This trail leads you through pastures and fields that change colour with the seasons.Documentation

Frossay - Ile Adet Circuit

This circuit lets you see and appreciate a multitude of plant species all along the trail.Documentation

Frossay - Carnet Circuit

Discover the lower Loire shipping canal, starting from Quai Vert. Several water sports are on offer, as well as cultural activities.Documentation
Tourisme Loire Atlantique
Tourisme Loire Atlantique

Saint Michel Chef Chef - Tour of the Town

Coastal and inland areas alike reveal different sides of the town over this walk. Comberge port, the villas and the long fine sandy beaches will show you the life and bustle of the resort, while pastures and woods favour a change of scene.Documentation

Saint Michel Chef Chef - Springs and Menhirs

Dive into the town's history and discover menhirs along the trail and the coastal springs that the resort's reputation was built upon.Documentation

Saint Père en Retz - La Roche Govi Circuit

At the start of this circuit, you can see the church with the highest nave in the Pays de Retz area, dating from 1878.Documentation

Saint Père en Retz - La Fontaine Circuit

The washhouse and its museum, the Conservatoire des Vieux Métiers, a bread oven, and more to discover along this trail.Documentation
Tourisme Loire Atlantique
To find out more about our campsite near Saint Brévin les Pin's cycling and walking circuits, please contact us.Many other circuits are available on Brevin and Pornic's Tourist Office websitesAre you coming to the campsite but don't have bike? Don't panic, everything you need is just 5 minutes from the campsite. Proxi grocery shop has a wide range of electric and standard bikes.More information HERE